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Warning: Not suited for minors.

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this one is probably one of my favorites when it comes to lyrics. Once again, i11evn is showing his awesomeness. 

Title: Unknown연락 좀 자주해
Artist: UnknownUntouchable feat. Andrew Choi
Album: UnknownCALL ME
Download: Click Here
Played: 4359 times


Songs to Convert Your Friends to K-Rap

*If you would like to download the song, go to the song that you like and click the “Buy” button. It will direct you to a mediafire link ^^

It’s been a while since we made a playlist and we’re so sorry it took so long for this one! We’ll get more out more often so please anticipate them and send us suggestions~

Title: UnknownTears
Artist: UnknownLeeSSang ft. Eugene
Album: Unknown
Played: 1109 times

Title: UnknownFuck Cockroachez
Artist: UnknownRunchRanda , 낙서
Album: Unknown
Played: 2167 times

Title: UnknownRed Dress feat. TakeOne
Artist: UnknownCrush
Album: Unknown
Played: 649 times


M.I.B - “Turned off the TV” (LeeSsang Cover)

Title: UnknownRewind
Artist: UnknownDouble K feat. Lee Michelle
Album: UnknownRewind
Download: Click Here
Played: 4493 times